Closed Cell PVC Foam Core Material; 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 25mm

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75kg/m³ Closed Cell PVC Foam Core sheets with a nominal density of 75kgs/m³ are suitable for use as a core material in a wide range of composites applications including flat sheet and moulded parts.

Our EasyCell75 Closed Cell PVC Foam is one of the simplest core materials to use. It is relatively inexpensive, offers excellent mechanical performance and is compatible with all standard resin systems including polyester, vinylester and epoxy. If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to stiffen your composite parts whilst minimising weight and cost then EasyCell75 structural foam is a great choice.

As a high performance, low cost core material EasyCell75 is suitable for a wide range of application including:

  • Aero model making
  • Recreation equipment such as skis, snowboards, kiteboards and wakeboards
  • Motorsport body panels, floors and splitters
  • Aircraft interiors, fuselages
  • Architectural panels, cladding, enclosures
  • Marine hulls, decks, hatches and floors
  • Wind energy turbine blades, enclosures
  • Almost no resin uptake
  • Almost no water absorption
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Fire retardant (self extinguishing)
  • Will not rot
  • Good styrene resistance
  • Good impact and fatigue resistance
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EasyCell75 is available to buy online in 1020mm x 1085mm sheets and handy 505mm x 540mm sheets. Generally, there is no problem butt-jointing multiple sheets of core material in a composite and smaller sheets also makes them easier to handle and ship.

This structural foam can also be supplied in full sheet sizes of 1020x2180mm by request but shipping costs will be considerably higher.

Easy Composites are a major distributer of closed cell PVC foam and we should be able to beat any like-for-like quote. If you require larger quantities (such as full boxes) then please contact us for pricing.

The closed cell structure means that the foam will not absorb resin (like Coremat will for example) meaning the core stays resin free, reducing the weight and cost of the finished composite.

The closed cell structure also means that PVC foam can be used in vacuum manufacturing processes it very well suited to RTM, resin infusion and vacuum bagging as well as conventional open lamination. The fine cell structure is an excellent bonding surface compatible with most standard resin systems including epoxy, polyester and vinylester.

EasyCell75 can be heated (with a heat gun) and reshaped to follow the contours of a moulded part, especially in its thinner thicknesses.

EasyCell75 is available in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and 25mm thicknesses. The thinner 3mm and 5mm sheets are ideal for lighter applications like making thin foam-core panel or aerospace use where the 10mm and 25mm thickness are ideal for use in thicker sandwich panels and larger applications such as marine, rail and architectural use. The 10mm and 25mm sheets are difficult to bend with or without heat and so are generally used flat.

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